Reverse Proxy Approach To IISExpress Remote Access


I’m developing a complex software. The core part of the software is web service. When the software goes production and if there is a bug in the web service, it is hard to debug. Because Visual Studio executes IISExpress and it prohibits service to remote clients.

I tried to solve this problem using Apache reverse proxy.

I installed WampServer for Apache.

  • I allowed the remote access. wampserver allow all
  • I opened httpd.conf file.httpd-conf
  • I added a new listen port for Apache to httpd.conf file. listen-new-port
  • I enabled both proxy_module and proxy_http_module from Wamp server menu. proxy-modules
  • I opened httpd-vhosts.conf file.httpdvhosts-conf
  • I added a virtual host config for reverse proxying:
    <VirtualHost *:8081>
    ProxyPass / http://localhost:46935/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:46935/

  • I restarted the Apache service from Wamp Server.
  • Aaand it works 🙂 reverse-proxying-works

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