How To Find Shared Photos in MSN Messenger

Hello again.

I discovered a program that shows process activities: ProcessActivityView! You can find which files are accessed by a specific process. I will show this program on finding shared photos.

If you are only curious about where shared photos are located in, I would say;

For Vista and Seven:


For XP:

%HOMEPATH%\Application Data\Temp\MessengerCache\”

You can find the files by size or date the file. Just click and open with your favorite photo viewer (or Windows Picture Viewer).

ATTENTION: The file do not seem to be a photo file. Just click and open with your photo viewer.

If you are curious about how to find where shared photos are located, you should go on reading.

  1. Download the ProcessActivityView.
  2. Open the program, and select the specific process: msnmsgr.exe.
  3. Access the files from the process. You can take a walk inside the photos.
  4. Back to ProcessActivityView and tadaaa!
  5. Click the specific file and see the full path of the photo (or any file) in the filename section.

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