Reverse Proxy Approach To IISExpress Remote Access


I’m developing a complex software. The core part of the software is web service. When the software goes production and if there is a bug in the web service, it is hard to debug. Because Visual Studio executes IISExpress and it prohibits service to remote clients.

I tried to solve this problem using Apache reverse proxy.

I installed WampServer for Apache.

Linux Quota Inconsistency Problems

In our system, we use linux quota to limit users file usage. However, quota database has inconsistencies with file usage of users. Sometimes user has no data, however quota database shows 4KB of usage.

On this problem, quotacheck is recommended. However, quotacheck fully checks the disk. If there are too many files and users, also user files frequently changing; online mode of quotacheck can’t fix inconsistencies.


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How To Find Shared Photos in MSN Messenger

Hello again.

I discovered a program that shows process activities: ProcessActivityView! You can find which files are accessed by a specific process. I will show this program on finding shared photos.

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